The Maxims of Mohan Singh (aka Hod Ogden)

No. 1 If the tiger is in the garden
Need the cobra fear the mongoose?
No. 2 Hearing is not knowing;
Knowing is not understanding;
Understanding is not believing;
Believing is not doing.
No. 3 Beware, for the most sacred cow
may become the tiger's breakfast.
No. 4 When all else fails,
the wise turn to
strong waters.
No. 5 Neither contemplation of the navel,
nor the writing of pamphlets
can be shown to be cost-effective.
No. 6 Beware, lest the fragile lotus
of health education be
trampled by the elephants of reality.
No. 7 Of all the beasts in the jungle,
we most often resemble the crashing boar.
No. 8 Lo, the mynah bird repeateth
all that he hears;
therefore, it is a wise law that
strong drink should
never be served to mynahs.
No. 9 Behold the elephant in the
garden turns pink at nightfall.
No. 10 When the jasmine blooms,
does the hyena laugh?
No. 11 Better to walk in the flames with God
than in the flower garden of the lady
in the next compound.
No. 12 He who lives by bread alone
needs sex education.
No. 13 The greatest medications are those
that are swallowed by the mind.
No. 14 Let the health educator be as a coconut,
floating upon tropic seas and
letting down roots on a foreign strand,
that others may harvest
their own crop of nuts.
No. 15 The lotus, like health education,
floats upon still waters;
alas, while many admire their perfection,
neither hath visible means of support.
No. 16 The wolf and the lamb
are beating their pruning
shears into plowshares.
No. 17 The joy of wild rice is in the reaping;
of wild oats, in the sowing.
No. 18 When the lion selects his lunch
is the zebra not chosen the loser?
No. 19 If you would change a man's habits,
convince him that his vice is a virtue,
for a man sheds virtues as the
python sheds his skin,
it is easy to make virtue a vice,
but not vice virtue.
No. 20 When the hungry lion gets his fill,
he always leaves enough to feed his pride.
No. 21 When the python gorges
on the bullock of wisdom,
the baboon sleeps peacefully in the jungle.
No. 22 Consider the wombat
and be grateful.
No. 23 The bee evaluates the flower;
The bear evaluates the honeybee;
Who evaluates the bear?
No. 24 Who shall teach the cobra
to floss between his fangs?
No. 25 Even the rivers of ignorance may
contain clever crocodiles.
No. 26 The tiger has cavities
better left unfilled.
No. 27 Let the health educator
be to his thirsting public
as the billabong to the jumbuck.
No. 28 The lotus blooms in ignorance;
but the lotus has sufficient beauty
to get away with it.
No. 29 Let the health educator emulate the
sacred bull of Rama,
who sheddeth his blessings
that the earth may be enriched.
No. 30 Lo, the health educator partakes of the
virtues of the beast of prey
and the serpent -
half tiger, and half asp.
No. 31 Measles come and measles go,
but the leopard never changes his spots.
No. 32 The effective dental health program
has teeth in it.
No. 33 Is mental health in the mind of the beholder?
No. 34 No problem arises when the log in the
river is perceived to be a crocodile;
Trouble follows when the crocodile is
perceived to be a log.
No. 35 The voice of wisdom
speaks to the inner ear.
No. 36 Remember always to be grateful
for the millions of people everywhere
whose despicable habits
make health education necessary.
No. 37 Beware the health educator
who when treed by the lion
admires the scenery.
No. 38 Beware of the health educator
who ignores the political reality;
for he is the fool's twin.
No. 39 The health educator who plays roulette
must first invent the wheel.
No. 40 If the heart is full
the mouth should remain closed.
No. 41 When the unknowing choose
the righteous path
the wise rejoice.
No. 42 Praise the health educator
who like a moth attracted by the light
jumps courageously into the fire.
No. 43 Stripped of its tender petals
by the hippos of the pond
the gentle lotus becomes a nuptial bed
with no trace of blood stains.
No. 44 The water hyacynth is strong,
wise and beautiful
but like health education
its source of strength is disclosed
to the beholder.
No. 45 Take not council with the promotor
lest, like him, you confuse
uniformity with consistency,
motion with movement, and
survival with performance.
No. 46 Even professional health educators
have difficulty
discovering techniques used
by their adversaries.
No. 47 The Health Educator is an unfelt need
waiting to happen.
No. 48 Be careful how you pronounce health promotion,
lest the listener believe self-promotion to be your objective.
No. 49 The credentials valued by the zebra are not necessarily
those sought by the lion.
No. 50 In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was an Acronym.
No. 51 Wildbeest herds, like health educators, trek across the veldt
in search of watering holes.
No. 52 Lo, when you itcheth, verily must thou scratch.
No. 53 The health educator who has a message is better off
to climb a tree and shout,
rather than whisper in the wishing well.
No. 54 Lemmings may know something.
No. 55 The evaluator counts the ants at the picnic of progress.
No. 56 Great wisdom is attributed to the Owl, a fly-by-night
who asks not WHY? but merely WHO?
No. 57 Which is worse - to be a prophet without honour,
or to receive an honour without profit?
No. 58 Many milestones are also millstones.
No. 59 Lo, it is written that health educators in family planning
hit below the belt.
No. 60 When the cobra waveth his head, or the educator
waveth his arms, beware! for both bear poison.
No. 61 Beware lest the health educator becomes a footnote
in the dissertation of destiny.
No. 62 When the vultures are circling
it is too late for the teachable moment.
No. 63 The amorous rhinoceros has his own criteria.
No. 64 True tigers don't eat tofu.
No. 65 Bread cast upon the waters comes back soggy.
No. 66 It is noble to assist a stricken elephant in rising,
but it is foolhardy to catch one that is falling down.
No. 67 He who deplores without indulging
beats the brass gong with a wet wand.
No. 68 Beware, lest the fragile lotus of pleasure be trampled
by the elephants of virtue.
No. 69 When the hippopotamus diets,
the jungle trembles.
No. 70 Is there education in the second kick of a mule?
No. 71 The Faithfull Jogger will arrive in Hell before us;
the Marathon Runner is already there.
No. 72 He who leads strong oxen
must himself be strong.
No. 73 Doth not the whisper of the lotus blossom in the gentle breeze
speak with greater authority than the scream of the hyena?
No. 74 A healthy person is one who has not been adequately researched.
No. 75 He who sacrifices his good health to dig for diamonds
knows not his assets from a hole in the ground.
No. 76 Behold, the panther silvered by moonlight in the garden
issues no press releases,
and the stag flamed by sunrise
distributes no questionnaires.
No. 77 Will the insects prove to be our Control Group?
No. 78 Every sheep possesses a sheepskin.
No. 79 A zizi bird in the cage is better than a pigeon on the statue.
No. 80 Ancient legends teach us that the earth is supported by four
elephants, standing upon the back of a giant turtle.
They do not explain that the turtle stands
upon a health educator.
No. 81 Beware Irish health educators, for they will harp on your faults.
No. 82 It is written that the lion shall lie down with the lamb;
the lamb's opinion of this arrangement is not recorded.
No. 83 Unlike fat, exercise can not be stored.
No. 84 If the health educator is a nut,
is the physician the squirrel?