Winter 1957

Suburbany Saga

James McDurbin, James McDurbin
Left the city and went suburban
Read the ads and made the rounds
Until he found a House with Grounds.
Had a car port, landscaped too
With patio and barbecue
Plus picture window so his wife
Could watch her neighbor's blameless life.

James McDurbin, James McDurbin
Settled down to the life suburban
Kissed his wife good-bye each day
(Obscurely glad to get away).
Braced himself when work was through
With a soothing glass of beer or two.
Checked the street names as he drove
Joy and MIrth and Happiness Grove.
Fourth block in and third house down
Nicely styled in cream and brown.

Came the night when James McDurbin
Headed home to be suburban.
Whistling a dreary tune
He turned his car one street too soon.
Third block in, fourth house down
In a foggy two beer dream
He found a house in brown and cream
And Thomas Meak not far away.
Thought of the blonde he'd kissed that day,
Passed his corner and took the next
James McDurbin, slightly vexed
Because the chairs were re-arranged
Ate his meal, went up and changed,
Yelled at the kids - sat down to see
His favorite western on Meek's TV.
No scandal here; don't miscontrue it
James McDurbin never knew it.

(The following was crossed out... still...)

Low down payment? No down payment!

Buy your choice and spacious lot
Take possession on the spot
Fifty by one hundred feet
Facing on a brand new street
Joy Road, Mirth Road, Merry Lane
March across the blank terrain
Spewing forth row after row
Of Happi Homes to Make You Glow.