February, 1988

Dear Family,

  In response to urging by daughters I am writing for the records the stories behind the various furnishings of the cottage.

  First of all - our cherished table and benches were built by my father (F.D.A.) in 1933.  In addition, that same year he designed and created the little rustic highchair which has never broken or been tipped over in the many years of usage.  The beautiful table-top was added later by E.M.O. - built from wood from our own trees, professionally sealed in Webster (I believe), and then smoothed and polished by your daddy in his shop in Kilbourn Rd.  Interesting to note is the fact that the main planks of the out-door table were cut from the same trees - a striking example of the differences between a polished surface and one left in its natural state.

  The old mission chair came from Judge Spencer's office.

  The tavern table came from Mr. Bailey's Antique Art Shop, where I worked as his secretary, when Cricket went off to college.  The candelabra it holds was Daddy's (E.M.O.) creation - one of our choicest treasures "in my books".

  The red couch came from Daddy's law office.

  The old oak table is from Papa Brigg's family.  Sketches over doorways are by Dave Richards.

  The so comfortable old red chair was a Christmas-morning gift for the cottage from our next door neighbors.  It arrived with a big Christmas bow pinned on it.

  On the mantel the lovely old clock was a gift from Don Gandy, a one-time law partner of Daddy's.

  The two rustic book shelves were Daddy's creation.

  The staggered stairs to the loft and the door to the little woodshed were professionally built in Rochester.

  The architect who designed the cottage was from Rochester, as was the builder, Stuart Hyland, who is a friend and former class-mate at the U. of R.

  Local help worked for 25 cents an hour!

  To all who have loved and cared for and dreamed of Oak Dene though they couldn't be there, I send my love and my hope that its being will be a comfort for many years to come.

                                Mother / Grandmommy / Grammy

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Additional Notes:
  Canoe & Paddles - Howard Spencer
  Andirons - F.D.A. (Sodus home)
  Copper kettle, bell, pitcher (on mantel) - Virginia trip
  Wooven hot pads - Kaitryn Spencer from Africa