Sue and I decided to take advantage of the unique condition of Blind Creek and anchor our trailer sailer boat in it for a night. It's really a little more like a bay than a creek now - except for a broken up willow, no more barrier bar. The stay was rather surreal! We took our little blow up kayak in to shore, traded it for the aluminum canoe, and paddled up the creek past where the beaver dam used to be. All was well and peaceful until about 20 minutes after sunset when the mosquito's arrived. And stayed for the night! Oh well don't want things to be too perfect.

We've donated the aluminum canoe to Oakdene to replace the old fiberglass beater (which is still there). Just happened to see it for sale a few blocks away in Fair Haven for a really good price. It's in great condition, very lightweight, paddles great, and tough enough to take a little dragging across the beach.

View from the boat looking out of the creek/bay.

Oakdene bluff and our boat in the creek.

The bluff to the west of Oakdene has horrendous slumps and erosion from the high water and whatever else is going on. Oakdene has some but not this bad.

Paddling up the creek

Kayaking in the aluminum canoe

- Chris